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The Lawrence Welk Show

NOTE: DVD or VHS copies of "The Lawrence Welk Show" weekly series are not available for purchase

OETA - The Oklahoma Network, the statewide public television network with headquarters located in Oklahoma City, OK, produces the show for national distribution. The “wraparounds” (host segments featuring the Welk Stars) are taped every other year and feature original members from “The Lawrence Welk Show” introducing that week’s featured show. The stars bring the viewer up-to-date on their lives, their careers, etc. during these “wraparounds.”

The Lawrence Welk Show 2011-2012 Season

2011-2012 Schedule

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Lawrence Welk Precious Memories

Lawrence Welk Precious Memories is a two-hour PBS special that abounds with spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys reminding viewers of their shared family values based on loving and heartfelt beliefs. This nostalgic special will lift your spirits, heal your heart and take you into the safe haven of your past with promises for a brighter tomorrow.

This PBS special was taped before a LIVE audience at the Welk Resort Theatre in Branson, Missouri in early September, 2004. The audience was thrilled by the songs of faith and responded with numerous standing ovations.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like a VHS or DVD, CD or cassette of this special program, please contact your local PBS station's membership department and make a pledge of support to that station. Thank you.